Machon is the second oldest eidah in camp, with campers entering 10th grade in the fall. One of the highlights of being in Machon is the five-day trip that the eidah takes around the state. Another highlight is the chance to work with Tikvah, the eidah for campers with special needs. Campers in Machon feel like leaders in the camp and they are given many opportunities to practice that leadership.

6.28 (412) Rebecca M. (Machon): I like being in Machon because our trip was amazing.

Elana K. (Machon): I like being in Machon because we get to work with Tikvah a lot and I feel like we've bonded a lot this summer as an eidah.

Molly B. (Machon): I like being in Machon because this summer our eidah has gotten so much closer. I'm so happy that we're all such great friends and enjoy being with each other.

Margie T. (Machon): I like being in Machon because the trip was really fun.

7.21 (25) Yoni H. (Machon): My favorite thing about being in Machon is The Point and having fun parties.

Danny M. (Machon): My favorite part of Machon is The Point. It's a nice place to hang out and watch the sunset.

Lev (Machon): I really liked the Machon Trip. I had a lot of fun and got to hang out with my friends.