Garinim is the youngest eidah in camp, with campers who are entering 5th grade. These campers stay for four weeks to get their first taste of Ramah, and have the chance to try out just about all the activities Ramah has to offer–from swimming and sport to Hebrew and text to drama and art. It may be their first summer at camp, but their enthusiam and spirit is as strong as in the older eidot. Garinimers know how to have fun and they have lots of it!DSC_0382

Heidi Zimmerman (Rosh Garinim): Campers in Garinim have bundles of energy and they're a lot of fun to hang around with. They're always making jokes, always making every activity extra fun.


Mason (Garinim): My favorite thing about being in Garinim is that it's our first summer here and we get to see what everything is. I'm looking forward to Yom Sport when the whole camp gets to spend the day playing sports together.


Jacob (Garinim): My favorite thing is playing basketball and baseball. It's a good way to get to know everyone in our cabin. I'm looking forward to going on the Blob–everyone says it's lots of fun. It's this big trampoline-like thing in the lake and you sit on one end and someone else bounces on the other end and then you go flying into the lake. 


Abe (Garinim): My favorite thing is playing with friends and meeting new people. I'm looking forward to boating and doing other stuff out on the lake, and playing sports.


Claire (Garinim): I like how we get to try everything at camp and get to experience everything. I'm looking forward to trying out the Polar Bear swim or the Island swim.

Olivia (Garinim): I love Saturdays because you get to relax and hang out with friends. And it's fun to be creative in art. I'm looking forward to doing more things in art.