Garinim is the youngest 4-week aidah in camp, for campers who will be entering 5th grade in the fall. The Garinim summer is designed to give campers a true taste of what Ramah is like. They have the chance to try out many of the activity areas, including art, dance, sports and swimming. They also go on an overnight camping trip. One of the unique aspects of the Garinim summer is their drama-text classes, in which they learn about friendships in the Tanach and then put together a performance for the aidah based on the text.

6.27 (6) Elan (Rosh Garinim): I love the high energy and enthusiasm that the Garinim campers bring to camp. They have an amazing ability to have fun with everything we do. Some of the activity highlights have included Capture the Flag and floor hockey, which we played yesterday and the campers got really into it. Even just watching them from afar at meals is hilarious–everything is new for them so you get to appreciate Ramah from a new perspective.

Tali (JC, Garinim): I like working with Garinim because they're all so nice to each other and they work really well together. They're a great group of campers and they have a ton of energy all the time.

Nesya (Garinim): I think it's really cool to have this new camp experience, meeting new people and living in a different way and trying something different.

6.26 (33) Elan (Garinim): I like being in Garinim because it's my first year at camp and I like trying new things.

Ari (Garinim): I love Garinim because it's fun. You get to do all sorts of things that you can't do in Rishonim and you get to do a lot of exciting things.

Aliyah (Garinim): My favorite part of being in Garinim is meeting all these cool new friends and having a lot of fun doing Hebrew and text and all the fun games we get to play.

Samantha (Garinim): My favorite part of camp is Shabbat because we get a lot of free time to hang out with our friends.

6.21 (82) Jessica (Garinim): My favorite part of camp is making new friends and meeting new people.

Mimi (Garinim): My favorite part of camp is Shabbat and meeting new people and making new friends.

Dani (Garinim): My favorite part about camp is Shabbat and meeting new friends and hanging out on the Kikar.