Wizard of oz (360) Thursday night the Bet Am was transformed into the magical world of Oz as the campers in Solelim (entering 7th grade) presented their Hebrew production of "The Wizard of Oz." It was a colorful and energetic performance–the campers were having so much fun! This was their first time as campers to present a musical to the whole camp and they definitely wowed the crowd!

Wizard of oz (512)Sammy H. (Solelim): I thought that we did great on our play last night. It was a lot of fun. We wish you all could have been here to see it!

Talia B. (Solelim): I had so much fun at the play. It was a great experience.

Ellen B. (Solelim): The play was really fun and exciting.

Rebecca S. (Solelim): The play was a lot of fun. Everyone put so much effort into their parts.

Tobiah M. (Solelim): I liked the play because it was fun and we got ice cream afterward!

Jared Z. (Solelim): I thought the play went well because we were amazing!

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