We're wrapping up our second full day of camp and the excitement is still as intense as it was the first day. The weather may not be fully cooperating, but a little drizzle can't dampen the spirits here. Campers continued learning about the different activities camp has to offer–they learned songs and dances, tried out the basketball courts, played team-building games with the ropes course staff, and had plenty of time to hang out with friends and get to know their bunkmates and counselors.

Barret (Garinim): So far this is my second full day of camp and I think it's pretty good. I like so many things here.

Adin (Garinim): So far camp is awesome. I love the sports here. I'm having a lot of fun.

Ethan (Garinim): For the last four years I've been in Rishonim but this is my first year as a camper and it is a way different experience. I love having my own cabin–it's great.

Amir (Garinim): So far camp has been good. I like the sports and the singing.

Gili (Atzmayim): It feels so awesome to be back at camp. It feels like just yesterday I was getting home, but now I'm here again at camp and it feels like paradise.

Tessa (Bogrim): I love Camp Ramah! It's my second home.

Danielle (Bogrim): I'm already having a great time and making tons of new memories with my friends.

Maya (Solelim): I love camp. It's so much fun.

Amira (Solelim): My favorite part about camp is just the feel of it and being with friends. It's so much fun.

Dina (Solelim): My favorite part of camp is meeting new friends every year.

Lauren (Solelim): My favorite part of camp is getting back together with my old friends and meeting a ton of new ones every year.

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