The first half of 2012 brought along many things, including an extra day in February which made the countdown to camp even longer than usual. Finally, on June 12, the day that seemed so far away had arrived! As the buses drove along the seemingly endless and infamously bumpy Buckatabon Road, hundreds of energized campers arrived safely at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and were greeted by staff members in the parking lot. Within a matter of hours, campers were already relaxing on the Kikar, playing a friendly game of basketball on the courts, or catching up with old friends on a walk along the garbage trail. Even though it has only been a few days so far, it seems as though they never left!

Daphna G. (Kochavim): These are the best days that I have ever had in my entire life, and these are going to be the best couple of weeks ever. I sleep in a cabin with all my friends so of course I’m going to have fun.

Sadie R. (Kochavim): What I like about camp is that you don’t ever want to leave, you just want to stay here forever. This is going to be so much fun!

Sydney N. (Kochavim): At Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, I can just be free and do whatever I want, and have the time of my life!

Ariana H. (Garinim): Camp has been awesome! The meals have been really good and I have been having a great time with a lot of the activities.

Michael R. (Solelim): The first few days have been really fun because I was reunited with all of my friends! Basketball is really fun!

Abe B. (Solelim): So many new people have come into our eidah and it’s really fun to meet them, and to get together with the people you have been missing for ten months.

Tamy H. (Shoafim): Camp is amazing, it’s so fun, and I love the people here.

Rebecca F. (Shoafim): The first days have been so fantastic! Camp Ramah is the best camp ever!

Leila R. (Bogrim): It’s been really good so far, and I really like my eidah. My cabin’s great and I like my counselors a lot; they’re really fun.

Eli S. (Machon): During the first few days of Machon, I’ve been living on the point, and it’s the most beautiful place in camp.

Alex C. (Tikvah): Camp has been great so far! I took the swim test, which wasn’t too hard. I’m excited because I might be helping swim staff and I am excited to swim laps.

Leah S. (Nivonim): The first days of camp have been really good. We’ve been hearing about what we are going to be doing the whole summer. Living on the Givah is so cool; the cabins are so big and I found notes from my older sisters which was nice to see.

Annie M. (Atzmayim): Everything has been going really well. I started a new job in a coffee shop in town and I really like it because I love coffee! This is a great place for me, and I’m very excited to spend the rest of my summer here.