Monday night we took a trip to Chicago as Nivonim performed the hit musical. Their hard work showed during numbers like "All That Jazz," "Razzle Dazzle" and "Cell Block Tango." Click here to see video clips of the show.

DSC_2332 Aaron F. (Nivonim): The play was a memorable one. From the beginning with "All That Jazz" to the end with "All That Jazz," it was a phenomenal play and it will go down in history.

Sarah U. (Nivonim): I enjoyed our play because it really brought our eidah together and I think that this year, more than any other year, we were really excited for it because it was our last one.

DSC_2398 Becca F. (Nivonim): I think that what made our play this year really great is that we all really cared and the play really showed off all the talent in our eidah. We just had fun with it and tried our best and it ended up really great.