Nivo english play (11) On Saturday night, 14 members of Nivonim (entering 11th grade) presented their new collaborative piece of theatre called "Is There Life After Nivonim?" The group spent two weeks writing the play through a process that involved writing, performance and improvisational exercises. They discussed how camp had impacted their lives and what lessons they could take from their camp experiences that could translate into everyday life. Nivo english play (12) Combining molologues, short scenes, and musical numbers, the result was a show in which the actors imagined themselves at different points in their lives–5, 10, 25 years after their Nivonim summer–and looked back on their camp experiences. What were their greatest moments? When did they learn the most? How did their camp persona affect who they became? The performance resonated with the audience, made up of their peers in Nivonim as well as staff members, and showed everyone that, yes, there is life after Nivonim. You may not end up exactly where you expected, and you may not ever be able to go back to those carefree summers as a camper, but the camp experience always stays with you.

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