Dear Ramah Day Camp and Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Communities,

As we continue to prepare for the upcoming summer seasons in Conover and Wheeling, we all remain aware of the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on every aspect of our daily lives.

At this time, we are planning to operate both of our camps fully this summer. As always, your children’s safety remains our top priority.

We are a part of several networks actively monitoring COVID-19’s spread and the public health community’s advice. We are plugged in to governmental networks as well as those provided by the American Camp Association (ACA), our accrediting agency, and the National Ramah Commission (NRC), which provides support to all Ramah camps in North America and Israel. We have also convened a select team of camp physicians, all of whom hold senior administrative roles at hospitals, who are prepared to advise us on this topic as we get closer to the summer. We also rely on the wisdom of our medical committee, made up of doctors and nurses who work or have worked at our camps and whom we consult regularly.

Two of our core values areבשבילי נברא העולם  / for my sake was the world created and קהילה  קדושה  / being a holy community.  The first phrase is drawn from Mishnaic instructions to a jury emphasizing the supreme value of every single human life.  The second is part of a Shabbat morning prayer for the congregation where the text goes on to connect that holiness to performing acts of giving, togetherness, and loving kindness. 

I raise up these two values to our Ramah family as they are statements both of the camps we run and the year-round, lifelong community we build.  At this time, as ever, I commend us to uphold these pillars of our institution and do everything we can to protect each and every person by following the recommendations of the medical community, and offering support and prayers to anyone who gets sick or is quarantined.  Our camp friendships and the ways we manifest our appreciation for members of our Ramah family are defining aspects of our holy community.

To those in our extended Ramah network who are sick – with COVID-19 or any other ailment – I extend wishes for a refuah sh’leimah, a full and complete recovery.  To others impacted by quarantines, trip and event cancellations, school closings, and more, stay strong and know that your Ramah community is here to support you.

We will continue to update you regularly in the coming weeks as our community – and the entire world – better understands the development of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Shabbat Shalom,