We are beaming with pride to introduce our Rosh Sport for this summer, Elana Abraham. Elana will be a junior next fall at Washington University in St. Louis, where she is majoring in architecture and minoring in environmental studies. An active participant in her sorority and Jewish life on a campus filled with Ramah Wisconsin alumni, Elana, a veteran camper and staff member, has a tremendous background in athletics. She has loved sports her whole life and currently participates in a variety of intraumural leagues on campus in addition to club soccer and basketball.

Elana is eager to work with her staff this summer to integrate new athletic activities into our sports program, focusing on skill development and fun. She wants to offer a more diverse array of opportunities so even more campers can get involved and play sports they enjoy. What new sports activities do you think we should add this summer?

Elana is one of the nicest people you could ever meet off the court, but everyone should beware of her crossover dribble and fierce intensity on it. Ask her sometime about an unfortunate incident she once had with a chipmunk during high school – it did not end well for the furry creature.

Welcome Elana!