My name is Noa Keren. I was born in Evanston, Illinois when my
father was a Shaliach there for USY. We moved back to Israel when I was just a few months old and I’ve been living in Jerusalem ever since.

This is my third summer on staff, and actually my twelfth at camp overall (9 years as a staff child in Rishonim do count)! I’m a third year student for Visual Communication in the Betzalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem and have one more year to go.

Today my favorite thing about camp is the feeling you get when you arrive. Especially when you come from Israel, you go through this 24 hour journey with no sleep, two plane rides and a 7-8 hour bus ride. You get to camp right before sunset, you get off the bus and you know you came back home even after 12 years you weren’t there. That feeling in your heart is just indescribable to anyone who was never there before.

I can’t wait to see you all at camp making new friendships, new experiences and (of course) new Omanut all around camp in just a few more weeks!