Third year tzevvet (staff) member, Louisa Kornblatt, is putting all of her incredible talents to work to make the world a better place for children and adults. An alumna of the Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel, Louisa is part of a new program called Repair Campus Ambassadors supported by the Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel and Repair the World. Here is some information about Louisa's project in her own words:

780029I am creating a service project on my campus, Washington University in St. Louis. This past semester I reached out to one of the domestic violence shelters in the area that serves women and their children. Together with this shelter and with the support of BYFI and Repair the World, I formed a creative writing teen mentorship program where Washington University in St. Louis students meet with teens connected to this shelter on a weekly basis. The program creates a safe collaborative space where teens and WashU mentors alike can find their own voice by engaging with peers and paper. Through journaling and various workshops led by WashU's slam poetry community, the group works on original poetry, fiction, illustrations and more with the hope of compiling a book at the end of the semester.

Kol HaKavod Louisa! We look forward to hearing about your success with this program, to hearing about the lives you touch with your efforts and how you are touched by the participants. We know you will continue to inspire chanichim (campers) this summer and help them figure out ways that they can repair the world.