Only two months until the beginning of Kayitz (Summer) 2012! We know you've been counting down the days to camp since last August, but we thought it would be fun to begin an official camp countdown. From now until the beginning of camp, we'll post fun updates on this year's staff and programs almost every day. You'll meet the Roshei Aidah (Division Heads) and Roshei Anaf (Activity Heads) and get a sneak peak of what's in store for this summer. So be sure to check back often! Before you know it, we'll all be hanging out on the Kikar!

To start, we are thrilled to announce our 2012 Roshei Aidah:

Kochavim (4th grade) – Jeremy Slosberg
Garinim (5th grade)/Halutzim (6th grade) – Josh Warshawsky
Solelim (7th grade) – Daniel Kanter
Shoafim (8th grade) – Leora Allen
Bogrim (9th grade) – Tali Ribnick
Machon (10th grade) – Jeremy Fineberg
Tikvah – Nava Kantor
Nivonim (11th grade) – Ben Hofkin
Atzmayim (Tikvah Vocational) – Daniel Olson

Be sure to check back during the next two weeks to see video introductions from everyone!

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