Did you know that Himnon Ramah, our anthem sung at camp-wide events, was written by Moshe Greenberg and Gladys Gewirtz Hedaya almost 70 years ago? This summer, Solelim and Shoafim campers created two large murals featuring Himnon Ramah, now on permanent display on the two sides of the Moadon Rikud / Beit Am complex. Campers embarked on this project by studying the Himnon Ramah text with Executive Director Jacob Cytryn who also discussed its biblical references, and the way the words and choreography evolved over the years.  These 7th and 8th grade artists then spent two weeks working with Artist-in-Residence Lilach Schrag as they respectfully collaborated with their peers to incorporate text with images into one painting. The project culminated when they presented the installed murals to their friends. Kol HaKavod! 

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