The huge variety of activities offered at camp allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity when it comes to programming. On Tuesday, Bogrim campers came to their open amanut (art) class, not sure what they were going to be working on. Without telling them anything, the art staff blindfolded them and led them on a trust walk down to the waterfront.

7.1.10 (140)At the waterfront, they met JAR who led them in an activity based on the phrase, "Mah rabu ma'asecha"–"how great are Your works." He asked them to look around at the natural world and share the things they saw that they found amazing. Before sharing, each camper said, "Wow!" and then shared what he or she saw–things such as the lake, the trees, people–all things that G-d created that are truly amazing. Then he had them cup their hands over their ears to amplify their hearing and they listened to the world aro7.1.10 (119)und them in a new way.

After looking and listening, the campers then got into canoes with bags of art supplies and were sent off into the lake to create art based on the nature they saw and heard around them. Some of the canoes stayed close to the shore, while others ventured further out. After a few minutes of paddling, the campers picked up their art supplies.

The campers spent some time creating out on the water before coming back to shore to share their projects. Below are some of the pieces of art they created.