6000 – Average number of pounds of camper and staff laundry that is washed each week. (Laundry goes out on Wednesday and returns on Friday.)

500 – Cases of cereal ordered.

300 – Pounds of clay ordered for Omanut.

286 – Madafim (shelves) painted during the winter (no graffiti!).

150 – New Siddurim purchased for the summer.

135 (and counting!) – Number of new campers coming to camp this summer.

59- Number of junior counselors working at camp this summer.

42 – Days until camp!

38 – Expected high temperature in Conover today (the expected low tonight is 23!)

35 (and growing!)- Number of campers in our new Kochavim (4th grade) program as of today.

30 – Cases of garbanzo beans ordered for the salad bar.

25 – Number of shlichim joining us from Israel.

21 – Campers spending 4 weeks at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and 4 weeks at the Chicagoland Ramah Day Camp.

14 – Number of new windows needed to enclose the Mirpeset Mercaz.

12 – Maintenance and housekeeping staff currently working at camp to get the grounds ready for summer.

11 – Number of buses chartered to bring campers into camp on June 14.

6 – Gallons of cherry flavor ordered for sno cones.

4 – Days musician Rick Recht will be visiting camp.

4 – Targets purchased for the new archery range.

3 – Flip Cameras purchased for the new film program.

2 – Number of new drinking fountains installed at camp. Can you figure out where they are?

1 – New Sefer Torah in camp this summer, donated by Ner Tamid Congregation of Chicago.