On Tuesday afternoon, we welcomed over 100 staff members to camp! Although it was a rainy day, spirits were high and there was a sense of excitement in the air. Under the leadership of our talented and charismatic hanhalah, who had already spent a week in residence at camp making final preparations for the arrival of the staff, we began the routine rhythms of a Ramah summer: tefilot, peulot erev, lots of spoken ivrit and, perhaps most importantly, the sense of communal living in a totally Jewish environment. In between meetings by eidah and anaf, the tzevet experienced some of the first meals by our brand new kitchen staff, and they were DELICIOUS!!  The Junior Counselors (all of whom spent last summer in Israel) enjoyed their first moments in the new Chadar Ochel.
After dinner Wednesday evening, we kicked off our revamped shirah program in the Chadar Ochel. The ruach (spirit) in the room was amazing – check out the video below for a taste! As you can see below, it was a great way to end an amazing first full day.