7.22 (57) Bogrim rocked the Bet Am last night as they presented their Hebrew version of "Bye Bye Birdie." They brought the camp back to the 1950s, complete with poodle skirts, as they crooned the classic numbers "Put On a Happy Face," "The Telephone Hour," "Kids" and "One Last Kiss." It sure was a rockin' performance! Bogrim filled the Bet Am with their enthusiasm.

7.22 (71) Julia A. (Bogrim): We all had so much fun doing our play! It turned out really, really, really good.

Danielle F. (Bogrim): We had so much fun with the play. It was a great bonding experience and our hard work really paid off.

Dina G. (Bogrim): Our play was last night and it was a great experience. It helped bring our aidah closer together and we had a lot of fun performing for the camp.

Jeremy Fineberg (Rosh Bogrim): Watching my kids perform last night and rocking the show was one of the highlights of my summers on staff!

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