Some of our campers look forward to boating all winter long as a great way to have fun and relax on the water.  But Judah Schvimmer, Rosh Boating, and the boating staff want to share a secret about the boating program… it’s an amazing learning experience as much as a truly awesome camp activity!

While Garinim begin with kayaking, Halutzim learn canoeing.  Solelim switch between the two and add row boating to their repertoire. This curriculum allows the camper’s experience to build on itself from one summer to the next, and best prepares them to move on to sailing in Shoafim and Bogrim.

Our sailing program develops throughout the summer beginning with the basics. Campers learn how to sail a Barnett (single person boats), move on to a Sunfish (2-3 campers), and on to a Hobie Cat (6 campers). Major skills are learned, such as packing and jiving, and what to do if capsized. Through these sailing lessons, and with sailing games and friendly competition, campers learn about team work, respect, and sportsmanship.  Machon campers can choose from all these boating experiences. 

The boating and sailing regatta is a highlight of the summer, and the site of our entire “fleet” gliding across Lake Buckatabon in the late afternoon sun is stunning.   

Nivonim campers learn advanced canoeing skills in anticipation of their 3-day Nivo canoe trips.  The Nivo boys and girls go on separate canoe trips that integrate overnight camping experiences with canoeing challenges.  It is one of the highlights of the Nivo summer.