DSC_7328 On Friday, campers in Machon (entering 10th grade) were given a very special opportunity to meet with Wisconsin State Senator Jim Holperin. Holperin, a Democrat who represents the 12th District in Northern Wisconsin, was one of the 13 senators who left the state in February in order to protest Governor Scott Walker's controversial budget repair bill, which eventually stripped union workers of their collective bargaining rights. While meeting with the Machon campers, Holperin answered their many insightful questions on different topics relating to government and workers' rights. The campers have been learning about workers' rights and social justice and will have more opportunities to engage with the topic on their trip around Wisconsin this week. The campers seemed very excited to be meeting with the senator and listened intently as he answered their questions. Many campers stayed after the session to speak with him individually as they searched for more in-depth answers to their questions.

DSC_7360 Originally from Eagle River, Holperin now resides in Conover, and he even has ties to Camp Ramah! When he was younger, he attended summer camp at a camp that used to be just across the lake from us, Camp Buckatabon. Camp Buckatabon and Camp Ramah occasionally had dances together, and his first dance with a girl was with a girl from Camp Ramah.

Thank you to Senator Jim Holperin for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with Machon. And thank you to Machon for being such great participants in his session!