Atzmayim takes a day off! 
by Sam Weiner, Rosh Atzmayim

After a week of working at their job sites in the local community, our Tikvah Vocational Program participants, known as Atzmayim, look forward to a well-deserved day off every Wednesday. 

Atzmayim plan their own days off.  Whether it’s going go-karting, bowling or playing mini-golf, the participants work together to come to a consensus.  Once the day’s schedule is agreed upon, their counselors make reservations in advance and help figure out the budget. Once the details are taken care of we are ready for a fun-filled day on the town!
The destination for our first day off was the  indoor water park in Minocqua.  Atzmayim had a great time playing catch in the pool, racing down water slides, and relaxing in the hot tub with their camp friends.  The staff loved seeing the participants having so much fun after their efforts on the job.  

After the water park we had lunch at a nearby beach.  Atzmayim played games and relaxed while staff spent time checking in and setting goals with participants for the summer.  We had some great conversations about what our participants hope to accomplish by the end of the summer. 

After shopping at Walmart, we came back to camp for dinner, then joined Tikvah for a fun peulat erev (evening activity) making dream catchers together.  As much fun as it was to spend a day out of camp, the icing on the cake was having some quality time together with our friends in Tikvah.  

Why do we include a weekly day off in the Atzmayim schedule?  The Tikvah Vocational Program deliberately creates opportunities for growth in independent living skills, and planning a fun day with friends is an awesome way to learn!