Welcome back to our Rosh Radio Liraz Levi! We are thrilled that this year he will also be taking on the role of Rosh Mishlachat (Israeli staff delegation). Years on staff: This will be my fourth summer on staff. On my first year I was a Tikvah counselor, on my second year I was on Tzevet Radio and living with Tikvah, and in my third summer I was Rosh Radio.

How you found out about camp: I found out about Ramah in 2013, when I reached out to the Jewish Agency for the first time because I wanted to be a shaliach at a Jewish summer camps overseas.

Other camp experience: I worked for two years at a day camp in Israel the summer before I started my army service, and in the summer after I got discharged. I also staffed the TRY program – Tichon Ramah Yerushalaim –  in 2015. Even though the TRY program isn’t camp (it is a high school program in Israel), it felt like in a way. 😉

Favorite thing about camp:9 My favorite event of the summer at camp is the Zimryiah (Song Festival). When all the different campers and aidot (age divisions) are just screaming happily different Israeli songs, and as the first ‘all camp’ event of the summer, it’s the opening of so many different special moments and memories for campers. My favorite thing about camp is that weekly moment on Friday afternoon, when everyone are gathering together onthe Kikar, welcoming Shabbat. It’s that moment when all the crazy work of the week stops for an hour of silence.

Most looking forward to this summer: As of last summer, we started to broadcast non-stop in the radio station, 24/6. This summer, get ready for a variety of new faces, new shows and more opportunities for all the people at camp to be heard over the radio.

Life outside camp: I’m working right now at Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County, in NY. I’ll finish this June my two-year term as being the Shaliach (Israeli Emissary) here, working with the local community, “bringing” in Israel in a variety of activities and events. This program also runs in partnership with the Jewish Agency For Israel.

Hometown: I’m originally from Kfar-Saba, in Israel. Right now I live in West Nyack, NY.

Fun fact: I lived in both Israel, the U.S. and Canada for different periods of time.

Something exciting you’re planning for the radio program: Seems like celebrating birthdays at camp will become much more fun this summer 😉

Anything else you’d like to share? Tune into 89.3 FM, because this summer is going to be full of surprises!