Welcome back to Reut Rosenberg, this summer as Rosh Chavalim! Years at camp: This is going to be my second year on staff. Last year I was part of the outdoor education team and a Shoafim counselor.

How did you find out about Ramah? My sister and brother-in-law where both counselors in camp as members of the Israeli mishlachat about 9 years ago, and they keep on coming back to camp till this very day. I had been hearing great things about Camp Ramah ever since then, so I applied to the Jewish Agency to hopefully be a counselor at Camp Ramah as well.

Other camp experience: In Israel, youth movement is kind of big deal so everyone takes part in it. I was in B’nai Akiva, and we had a week-long camp every summer. It was all in the wilderness, which is very different from camps in the US. I remember anticipating those camps like crazy, just waiting to be with my friends for a week.

Favorite thing about camp: I love almost everything about camp and related to camp – I genuinely believe its some kind of a magical place. My favorite thing has to be the outdoors experiences. The ropes course and the wilderness is where we all, both counselors and campers, are stepping out of our comfort zone and it gives us a chance to know ourselves better – our strengths and weaknesses. It gives us a moment to appreciate and be thankful for the friendships we have in camp and so many more wonderful aspects.

Most looking forward to: I cannot wait to see my campers and I’m excited to spend some time with them.

Life outside camp: I am going to be a student this upcoming year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem studying Jewish culture, Mikra (scripture), and Talmud.

Hometown: I currently live in Jerusalem

Fun fact: When I eat an apple, I eat all of it, like the whole thing

Something exciting happening this summer: We are bringing in new activities this summer including scouting and outdoor building skills. I promise everyone will have a great time in the outdoors!

Anything else? Wishing us all an amazing summer and looking forward to making it the best one yet in Chavalim!