DSC_0725 Last night campers of all ages gathered around the basketball courts. For different parts of the evening, Halutzim, Solelim, Shoafim, Bogrim, Machon, Tikvah, and Nivonim cheered on the boys basketball teams for what is one of the biggest games of the summer. Nivonim girls and boys not on the team were dressed in their new regalia, cheering loudly. Dressed in white, Machon and Tikvah stood on the other side of the court, cheering just as loudly. One Machon camper even played the trombone to get the team pumped up.


It was a tough game, defense on both sides were strong, but Nivonim boys won in the end. The final score was 29-19, Nivonim. When the final whistle sounded, all of Nivonim, Machon and Tikvah jumped up and down. Nivonim was excited to win, but Machon and Tikvah were equally excited about how they’d played a strong game.  They cheered together, ending the game with friendly handshakes.