Every day at camp starts with kimah (wake up), t’fillah, breakfast, nikayon (cleaning), and then the daily schedule begins with Perek Alef (first period) from 10:15-11. Here’s a snapshot of what was happening around camp today during Perek Alef: 10:15, Atzmayim (Tikvah Vocational Program): While the rest of camp is getting ready for Perek Alef to begin, Atzmayim travels with their job coaches to their respective work locations in Eagle River. Along the way they rest and chat about their experiences on the job.

10:18, Kochavim (4th grade)DSC_3980 and Garinim (5th grade): When Kochavim and Garinim arrive at the sports courts, they are split up into groups and given their rotations. They rotate through a number of sports during their two- or four-weeks at camp, which include volleyball, floor hockey, boating, basketball, softball, tennis, and soccer. Once on their respective courts, they stretch and learn about the rules of the game.

10:21, Solelim (7th grade): Solelim has Hebrew or Judaic studies class during this perek. Different teachers conduct their classes in different ways, always with the intention of learning in a fun environment. One Hebrew teacher, Yael Katsav, uses boating paddles to teach her Solelim class the Hebrew smol (left) and yamin (right). When she says smol, the campers pass their paddles to the left, and vice versa.


10:29, Shoafim (8th grade): Just like Solelim, Shoafim has Hebrew or Judaic studies class during this perek. Going along with their tzedakah project for the summer, Shoafim’s text class is focused on thinking about what causes and Jewish values are important to them. With enlightening discussion, they look at Jewish texts to discuss what causes, like global hunger or the environment, are important to them in order to understand the underlying reasons why tzedakah projects are so important.

DSC_404910:32, Bogrim (9th grade): Bogrim can be found at the lakefront during Perek Alef. They are split up into different skill levels, and will also be creating and performing their synchronized swimming routines this summer. The theme for this year’s show is Jewish holidays, and different swim classes have different ones: Lag Ba’omer, Simchat Torah, Hannukah, Pesach, and Rosh Hashanah.


10:38, Machon (10th grade): During this perek, Machon has their Intensives, special classes they will be focusing on for the summer. Some of those intensives include drama, teva (nature), radio, shirah (music), and Tikvah chaverim (friends). Our campers in the music intensive will be writing, composing, and playing their own music, while those campers in the radio intensive will be recording that music and editing it for the larger camp audience. In teva, campers are testing the lake water in Lake Buckatabon. Every Machon camper is working toward a final project at the end of the summer.

DSC_049110:43, Tikvah (Special Needs Program): On July 11, Tikvah will have their Tikvah Arts Festival, which includes drama, rikud (dance), and omanut (art). In drama, Tikvah performs skits for Bogrim, Machon, and Nivo to see. The theme Tikvah is creating art around is “Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh,” “All of Israel are responsible for each other.” They will be creating a multimedia mosaic using their own creations of Eric Carle art, self-portraits, charcoal sketches, pottery, and photography. In rikud, they will be learning and performing a dance that utilizes the idea of taking responsibility for one another. There will be parts of the dance that use pairs, while other parts are focused on the individual. Inbal Jakubowitz, shirah staff, will be playing a live song for Tikvah to dance to.

DSC_049310:52, Nivonim (11th grade): For part of the summer, the Nivonim will have their internships in the anafim (specialty areas). This includes being counselors-in-training for aidot cabins, interns on the agam (waterfront), in teva, omanut, and other areas around camp. They will be helping our campers to learn and grow in areas they’ve developed over their summers at camp.

At 11, Perek Alef concludes and campers go to the Fruit Bowl to get a fruit snack, talk to friends, and walk to their next perek. Tune in next week to learn about Perek Bet!