Va’ad Agreement

As a member of the Ramah Wisconsin Va’ad, I understand that my duties and responsibilities include the following:

1. I will become familiar with the 2020 and 2024 Strategic Plans, and work along with other Va’ad members to bring those goals and plans to fruition.

2. I will actively promote Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp and encourage and support its staff.

3. I will make every effort to visit Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp while in session.

4. I will give what is, for me, a significant financial donation. I may give this as a one-time donation each year, or I may pledge to give a certain amount several times during the year.

5. I will actively engage in development and fundraising, with the support of the development staff and committee, in whatever ways are best suited for me and best support the needs of the camp. These may include donor identification, attendance at a phonathon or participation in special events.

6. I will review material prepared by the professional staff and participate in meetings. I will serve on at least one sub-committee.

7. In signing this document, I understand that every Va’ad member is making a statement of faith about every other Va’ad member. We trust each other to carry out the above agreements to the best of our ability.