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Kochavim (4th)


Introducing two 12-day sessions for entering 4th graders at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the exact dates of the program?

Entering 4th graders may attend one or both of two 2019 sessions: June 24-July 8 or July 10-July 22, 2019.

2. How much will the program cost?

The cost of the program is $2,000 plus transportation. For full-season Ramah Day Camp families, the cost of enrollment is part of their full-season day camp tuition. The only additional cost is transportation to/from camp. A combined tuition is also available for those campers attending Ramah Day Camp for four weeks this summer.

3. Does this program qualify for the Campership Incentive Grant?

This program does not qualify for any of the camper incentive grants available in our various communities, as only programs of 19 days or longer are eligible for these grants.

4. What does the program name mean?

The aidah is called Kochavim, which means “stars” in Hebrew. Last summer they were more like “superstars!”

5. What is the counselor to camper ratio?

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin prides itself on maintaining a very high staff member to camper ratio. There are four college-aged staff members living in and working with each cabin. The entire staff and camper group is led and supervised by a division head who is post-college.

6. Will I be able to visit my child at camp?

Click here for information about visiting our younger campers.

7. Whom should I contact if I have additional questions or need more information?

Call our registrar at 312-606-9316 x 221 or email