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Full Session



Full season dates: June 16 – August 10, 2020


Solelim / סוללים (entering 7th grade): $8,650 - $1,500 Warner Grant* = $7,150
Shoafim / שואפים
(entering 8th grade): $8,650 - $1,000 Warner Grant* = $7,650
Bogrim / בוגרים (entering 9th grade): $8,650 - $500 Warner Grant* = $8,150
Machon / מכון (entering 10th grade): $8,650
Nivonim / נבונים (entering 11th grade): $8,650

Extra trip fee for entering 10th and 11th graders: $350

*We are excited to announce that Rebecca and Richard Warner, major Ramah supporters, have made an initial three-year commitment to Ramah Wisconsin families to reduce tuition for Solelim, Shoafim, and Bogrim in the form of the Warner Incentive Grants.  Camp Ramah in Wisconsin hopes to maintain these grants beyond the 2020, 2021, and 2022 seasons.  These reduced tuition rates apply to all campers and do not disqualify campers from other incentives or applying for additional financial aid from Camp Ramah in Wisconsin or other partners. Click here to read more.

Entering 7th-11th graders join us for a full eight week session of fun!  Among the incredible range of activities, these campers enjoy sailing on Lake Buckatabon, playing night-time softball under the lights, going on campouts, performing in a Broadway musical, creating cabin cheers, competing in sports events, making art projects and developing friendships.

These and other fun times create lasting memories and lifelong Jewish friendships that keep campers coming back to Ramah summer after summer.  Activities taught by engaging and talented specialists offer campers the chance to develop new skills, be creative, compete, form friendships, relax and just have fun.