Countdown to Camp: 2023 Community Updates


Camp Ramah in Wisconsin approaches camper care with a holistic perspective and as an ongoing process. This approach may include:

  • Camper Care Intake Form and conversation (if appropriate)
  • Consultation and collaboration with camper’s school and mental health team before summer
  • Conversation with parents before and during the summer on supporting your child at camp
  • Partnering with parents regarding camper care concerns and questions
  • Individualized Camper Care plans and Shiluv special needs program

our team

The Camper Care Team includes mental health professionals, our medical team, seasoned educators and members of our year-round leadership team. The Camper Care Team supports all of our campers and staff with:

  • Pre-Summer head staff training sessions
  • Staff Week trainings for all team members
  • Transfer of Information and camper-specific trainings with counselors and staff members
  • Ongoing training and support for staff and campers

camper & parent readiness

Check out our new Camper and Parent Readiness Guides in Ra-Mah Koreh, our magazine for new campers.

child safety teams


Our Mental Health Committee partners with our year-round professional team and community leaders in the fields of mental health to consult and support our work with campers and staff on an ongoing basis.


We have recently formed a Child Safety Committee, consisting of our professional leadership team, Board Members, medical professionals and mental health professionals.

The Child Safety Committee will establish and maintain policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our campers. The Committee will be responsible for providing appropriate guidance and counsel to our camp leadership team with regard to the implementation of such policies and procedures.


We are establishing a Child Safety Response Team, beginning summer 2023. The Team will be composed of the professional summer leadership team and a group of medical and mental health professionals that will serve both our day and overnight camps.

The Child Safety Response Team will meet regularly throughout the summer and be alerted immediately if any report of physical and/or sexual misconduct affecting a camper arises. They will be empowered to recommend the appropriate response based on a consistent and unbiased application of our policies and best practices.

Any concerns may be directed to or to Executive Director Jacob Cytryn.

staff training


  • National Ramah Commission Child and Workplace Safety Summit
  • Aleinu/Sacred Spaces National Youth Safeguarding Institute
  • Participation in Foundation for Jewish Camps Yashar Inclusion and Yedid Nefesh Mental Health cohorts


  • Counselor training on developmental and age-appropriate camper behaviors
  • Harassment and Abuse Prevention Training
  • Ongoing professional development and training throughout the summer (weekly sessions) provided by our Camper Care Team
  • Our staff and year round professionals are extensively trained in issues of health and safety pre-camp and throughout the summer, including recent Youth Mental Health First Aid certifications.

Staff Week Preparation


  • Learning about our Ramah camp philosophy and core values
  • Learning about your campers, their peers and stage of childhood development
  • Camper Safety and Care (sessions with Rahel Bayar, Lauren Mindel, Jacob Cytryn)
  • Community building for our staff and camp community
  • Planning fun programs and final touches on an amazing summer for our campers

camper care policies

Our Camper Care policies, published in our Staff Handbook, are shared with staff prior to the start of camp, reviewed during staff training week, and referenced as needed throughout the summer. In addition this summer our staff will attend a boundaries and abuse prevention training led by expert Rahel Bayar.

preparing for camp

Handbook Now Available

Check out our digital Camp Handbook available in the “Current Families” section of our website to help you and your camper(s) prepare for the summer.

Highlights Include:

  • Packing lists
  • Medication registration
  • Travel
  • Photos
  • Staff Contacts
  • Medical Requirements and Other Information
  • Visitor Information

Complete your forms

202e summer forms are now available in your CampMinder account.

  • Due Now
    • Camper Care Intake Form
  • Due May 1
    • Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Travel Form
    • Medical Forms (Health History, Physical, Immunizations and Health Insurance)
    • Bunking request (Note: Bunk request forms will not be considered until the Camper Care Intake Form is completed.)
    • B’nai Mitzvah Tutoring (for campers who will become a bar/bat mitzvah between August and December 2023)
    • COVID-19 Vaccination Card Form

Download Our App

The “Camp Ramah in WI & IL” App provides a one stop shop for staying in touch
with camp this summer, including:

  • Customized News Feed for your camper(s)’ eidah (age group)
  • Transportation updates
  • Camp photos
  • Calendar to keep track of key dates
  • Contact information
  • And much more!

Download the app today! Check your email for the registration code or email

Health & Safety

medication registration

The health and safety of our campers is our highest priority. Each summer our medically licensed professionals distribute medication to hundreds of campers through our Infirmary, based on prescribed regular and/or PRN (as needed).

If your child will be taking any kind of medication at camp this summer, you must register with PackMyRX, our new pre-packaged medication program for this summer.

  • All pills will be dispensed and individually packaged in sealed packets labeled with your child’s name, medicine, dosage, date and time to be given. This system ensures that each camper receives their correct medicine at the right time of day.
  • Medication will only be distributed by the Infirmary team if it is packaged by Pack My RX. This includes ALL prescription and non-prescription medication and vitamins (both daily & as needed “PRN”)
  • 30 days before camp starts, Direct Meds of Florida must have:
    • A completed registration
    • All prescriptions for 30 days plus a refill or additional script for controlled substances
    • Copy of insurance card if applicable

Please register as soon as possible at:

vaccination policy

The National Ramah Commission Medical Committee and Camp Ramah in Wisconsin/Ramah Day Camp Medical Committee have a long-established history of robust vaccination requirements. These vaccination requirements have been developed and are regularly reviewed based on the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In support of our commitment to the health and safety of all members of our community, this includes vaccinations for COVID. The primary COVID vaccine series is required and the bivalent booster is strongly recommended for all Ramah staff and campers who are eligible, in accordance with the recommendations of the AAP, ACIP, and the CDC. You may request an exemption by completing this form.

community safety

The health and physical safety of our campers is our number one priority!

  • We partner closely with the Secure Community Network, a project of the Jewish Federations of North America – including special Jewish summer camp guidance
  • We continue to maintain our strong relationship with the Vilas County Police Department, including pre-summer site visit, staff week training and periodic visits and check-ins throughout the summer
  • Through JUF, Foundation for Jewish Camp and National Ramah Commission we continue to monitor local and national security developments
  • We have a comprehensive security plan in place – including a 24-hour presences at our Welcome Center
  • We undergo emergency training with all of our staff and campers
  • We continue to invest annually in security enhancements, training and equipment – including a series of visible enhancements in advance of summer 2023 – including reinforced entrance gate, security cameras, emergency communication tools, and more.

camper experience

arc of experience

Elementary School Experience

Middle School Experience

high school experience

Refreshed Daily Schedule

See below for samples of our refreshed daily schedule. Your camper will receive a sticker with their schedule when they arrive at camp.

camp-wide summer highlights


proactive outreach

Based on your feedback, we are increasing our proactive outreach and communication with you throughout the summer so you can experience the magic of your campers’ Ramah summer and stay aware of camp happenings.

This summer you can expect:

  • ‘Get To Know Your Counselors’ and Rashei Eidah (Unit Head) via email before the first day of camp
  • Sharing camp highlights throughout the summer via email and App
  • Communication on staffing changes to your camper’s cabin (if applicable)

during camp

get in touch

Our team is here to support you! Please reach out for assistance, support and answers to your questions.

Overall Ramah Experience

Jacob Cytryn.

Jacob Cytryn
Executive Director


Camper Care & Support

Lauren Mindel.

Lauren Mindel
Director of Camper Care and Inclusion

Camper Experience

Adina Beiner
Assistant Director

Summer Parent Concierge

robin rubenstein

Robin Rubenstein
Family Engagement Director

Enrollment & Forms

Margalit Segal
Enrollment Associate


Medical & Dietary Needs

Scott Topal.

Scott Topal
Director of Operations



Ann Lesley Rosen.

Ann Lesley Rosen
Travel Coordinator


Billing & Payment

ilisa brown

Ilisa Brown



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