Day in the Life (old)

Choose any activity for a taste of camp life!

7:45AM Kimah (Wake Up)

8:15AM Tefillot (Prayers)

9:00AM Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)

9:45AM Nikayon (Clean up time)

10:15AM Sports

11:10AM Peulah Meyuchedet (Special Arts Project)

11:55AM Hatif (Snack)

12:05PM Schiya (Swim)

1:20PM Ivrit (Hebrew Games)

2:00PM Aruchat Tzohoraim (Lunch)

2:45PM Sha’at Menucha (Rest Time)

3:45PM Tarbut (Electives like art, music, drama, cooking, dance, radio)

4:40PM Hetz v’Keshet (Archery)

5:35PM Hatif (Snack)

5:45PM Peulat Tzrif (Cabin Activity)

7:00PM Aruchat Erev (Dinner)

8:00PM Peulat Erev (Evening Activity)

8:45PM Lilah Tov! (Goodnight!)

Summer 2022