On Sunday, January 30, Talia F. and Elise H. (both Nivonim 2011), along with Talia's dad and two Ramah staff members, spent the day discovering what camp is like in winter. With a high temperature in the teens and several inches of snow on the ground, camp was quite different from the sunny and warm days we're used to in the summer. The girls had a great time playing at camp–they went sledding and made snow angels on the Kikar, and even got to walk on frozen Lake Buckatabon. Another highlight was visiting the Nivo cabins for a sneak peak of where they'll be living this summer. It was a fun day and everyone who went had a wonderful time. The girls posted pictures of their experience on Twitter throughout the day, so everyone could follow them along on their adventure. It might have been cold and snowy, but it made everyone that much more excited for summer 2011!