Our beautiful waterfront is the focal point of our camp site, and swimming is an important part of the Ramah program.   We have a very carefully planned and structured curriculum for our youngest campers on through the most experienced, with safety at the forefront. Campers are divided into levels based on skill and are taught by our certified instructors.  These swim classes are conducted with a small camper to staff ratio and with the help of Nivo Interns who already have lifeguard certification. And to be extra safe, there are always additional lifeguards on the beach, on the rafts and on the blob!

A special element of the Bogrim summer is synchronized swim dancing!  Campers choose the music, choreograph swim routines and perform them for the entire camp in a friendly competition!

Our Machon campers are offered a choice of classes including lifeguarding, water fitness, water polo, synchronized swim, and water aerobics. Our lifeguard certification class is always very popular.

“Watching a camper master a skill is amazing! A camper can be a leader on the waterfront and really have a chance to shine,” says Hannah Kreindler, Rosh Agam (Waterfront).

Campers are building strong relationships with their swim instructors and gaining confidence in the water. The Nivo Interns are quickly learning the skills to teach swim classes by following and observing the swim staff.  By the summer’s end, they will be able to teach their own classes. We love bridging the younger and older campers together in this way!

Another way that we unite the campers is with our exciting Triathlon that was started last summer. The triathlon integrates different programs at camp such as sports, boating and swimming. Starting the race at the Garbage Trail, then on to kayaking on the lake, followed by swimming laps… this is a summer favorite that gets every camper on their feet, united in cheering and FUN! The whole camp comes together as a true Kahal, community.

Hannah Kreindler, head of the waterfront, brings both talent and experience to the program.  “As a future teacher (Education Major at the University of Michigan), I love being able to teach the campers how to swim and improve their skills. Camp Ramah is where I got certified as a lifeguard and swim instructor. For me, learning and teaching come full circle at camp.”