Since the events of October 7th, Jews and Israelis around the world mourn while continuing to experience the ongoing conflict.

The only way to move forward is with hope.

Led by artist-in-residence Sima Sayag, camp is using the Star of David, the iconic symbol of the people of Israel, to create an everlasting symbol of hope in camp.

We’re using the technique of Keith Allen Haring whose style is associated with a movement in contemporary art called “Pop Art” using humorous thick lines and striking colors.

One of the reasons Keith Haring was chosen was in memory of Michael Gal. Michael grew up at the Israel Museum as the child of a staff member. He loved art and was a man of people, love and freedom. He spread warmth and happiness, and conquered everyone with his characteristic laugh and mesmerizing smile. Michael enlisted in the reserves immediately when the war started and was killed in Gaza on March 10, 2024.

Leehee Milligan has helped guide how to introduce the chanichim (campers) to the difficult subject, where each participant will start by brainstorming what tikvah (hope) is for him and then translating that in a visual way.

The use of Haring’s technique makes such a complex topic easier and will make sure to convey it in the most gentle way. The idea is to create a personal icon of hope on the Star of David.

In just a few days we will be hanging all the pieces together in one of the chadrei ochel (dining halls) to create one big mural of hope.