Our second group of Kochavim (entering 4th grade) all-stars is already having a great time and making their presence known at camp. You can find their smiling faces hanging out on the Kikar, creating beautiful works of art in Omanut, happily splashing around in the waters of Lake Buckatabon and working together on the sports fields. During their 12 days here, they’ll get a taste of what Ramah Wisconsin is all about, have a ton of fun, and make lots of new friends.

Hannah E.: The best thing about camp is that you get to try new things and be away from home. I love the sports here.

Deena G.: What I like about camp is that I like being with all my friends and meeting new people. I also like all the activities.

Sydney F.: I love all of camp. It’s my first year here and I came here with some of my old friends so I felt comfortable, but I love meeting so many new friends. One of my favorite activities is art.

Cara G.: The best thing about camp is the sports because you get to try all the different things that are new.

Katy P: I love camp because it’s so much fun. It’s my first time away from home–I’ve never even had a double sleepover before–and this feels like a 12-day sleepover. There are also a lot of activities that I’ve never done before. I’m also making a lot of new friends and that’s really encouraging me to come back next year.

Sadie R.: The best part about camp is that when you leave home you get to be with so many new kids and make new friends.

Shira A.: My favorite part about camp is swimming because it’s really fun and you get to swim with all your friends.

Talia B.: My favorite part of camp is art because you get to do a lot of cool art projects.

Eitan B.: My favorite thing about Kochavim is meeting new friends and having fun.

Jonah F.: My favorite thing about Kochavim is sports.

Avi S.: My favorite part of Kochavim is sports and going on the Blob.