Our Bogrim (entering 9th grade) campers had a busy week last week! After their amazing performance of The Sound of Music, they had a restful Shabbat and then went right into Shavua Sababa. Literally “Awesome Week,” Shavua Sababa is a week of intensive specialty clinics led by a group of amazing visiting professionals. Each Bogrimer participated in one of the following activities:

Video Art and Performance

Led by performance artist Zhenya Plechkina, campers learned about contemporary art and discovered experimental ways to tell their own stories. They experimented with stop-motion animation and video and created a series of short videos based on personal narratives.


Audio Field Recording and Production

Campers worked with Ramah Wisconsin alumnus and singer/songwriter/producer Zack Berkman to explore sounds around camp. They listened to the sounds of camp and created their own unique sounds to compose their own piece of sound art, which they shared at the final Shavua Sababa presentations.


Improvisation Workshop

In this workshop, led by writer/performer/yoga instructor Amanda Miller, campers explored improvisation through voice, movement and acting. Through different improvisation techniques, campers created their own short performance they they shared at the presentations.


The Cutting Edge: Intro to Papercutting

Papercutting artist Micol Bayer led this workshop in which campers were introduced to the art of papercutting. After becoming familiar with the tools and design concepts, they worked together and individually to create their own breathtaking papercuttings.


Jewish Outdoor Education

Josh Lake, the founder of Outdoor Jewish Adventures, took campers out into the woods to explore the wilderness and their Jewish connection to the outdoors. They used natural material to create shelters and rope, learned how to light one-match fires and learned how to cook over the campfire.


Kosher Pastry Baking

Led by former pastry chef/our current registrar Alicia Vinocur, campers learned how to make a variety of delicious desserts to share at holidays throughout the year.


In addition to Shavua Sababa, campers were busy in their swim classes preparing for the annual Bogrim “Synchronized Swimming” Show. They created awesome aquatic dance routines that they shared with the camp and a panel of “judges” Friday afternoon. Click the links below to see some of their performances.

Disney Dance 1

Disney Dance 2

“Chai” School Musical Dance

Toy Story Dance

Lion King Dance