We are thrilled to reintroduce our returning Rosh Drama, Lynda Bachman, who will be graduating (this week!) from Brandeis University with degrees in Theatre Arts Education and Sociology. Lynda, who grew up at Ramah in the Berkshires, joins us for her fourth summer and staff and, thanks in no small part to her exposure to the Ramah Wisconsin theater program, is looking forward to pursuing a career filled with social justice theater and the creation of original works in educational settings. Next year Lynda is hoping to begin this work by getting some professional directing experience and entering the field of arts administration.

At Brandeis, Lynda led the undergraduate theatre collective and worked on over twenty (twenty!) different productions as a director, production manager, stage manager, and actor, in addition to putting in hundreds of hours behind the scenes building sets, designing lighting, and much more. Utilizing the technique we have used for our wildly successful and innovative Nivonim English play since 2003, Lynda wrote a new play this year with four other underclassmen that was produced by the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts and performed on the main day of that annual festival. Click here to read more about the project.

Lynda is ecstatic to be working with a phenomenally talented drama staff as they embark on directing another full slate of musicals, the Shabbat Theatre Series, Nivonim English play, and a full slate of tarbut options for all eidot, including some new intensive acting options and some special surprises for Machon.

As she was finishing college in the past few weeks, Lynda found the time and courage to go skydiving for the first time. In less than dramatic fashion, she describes the experience as “pretty cool.”

Welcome Lynda!