Jslutsky Meet Rosh Tefillah– Jacob Slutsky!
I am from Evanston, IL, and I was a Ramah camper for six years and a cabin counselor for four years. I am currently a junior at Boston University, working on a major in U.S. History and a minor in Judaic Studies. Before starting at college, I was a Nativ 27 participant (2007-2008).

As Rosh Tefillah, I'm excited to help counselors facilitate challenging and exciting programming for campers of all ages. Tefillah is a mitzvah with a long history and a rich tradition spanning different Jewish communities across the world. This summer, I aim to make tefillah an accessible and meaningful experience to campers and staff members alike. It was at Camp Ramah as a Halutzimer many summers ago that I first developed my synagogue skills; it was at Kabbalat Shabbat beside Lake Buckatabon where prayer became a meaningful experience for me. While my understanding and philosophy of tefillah has changed as I have matured, within camp and without, daily prayer has remained a part of my life. I urge the Ramah community to develop their own understandings and views of tefillah. I am also looking forward to trying out my aim on the new archery range. (more on that later!)