We had a special guest at camp this week, Jewish rocker Rick Recht! Rick is well-known throughout the Jewish world for his inspirational music and children and teenagers love his infectious rock sound.

During his four-day visit, Rick spent time leading shira (singing) sessions after meals for all the aidot (age divisions), and doing yishunim (bedtime stories) for some of the cabins. Click here to see a video of him teaching his new song “Hallelujah” to campers in Bogrim, Machon and Tikvah.

In addition to singing with the campers, Rick also spent time working with the staff. He has been guiding our shira staff for the last three years to take singing and the culture of music in the camp to the next level.  Jewish music is an integral part of all areas of camp life–from tefillot (prayers) to the dining hall to the activity areas and yishunim. Rick really believes in the power of music and feels it is a great tool for building Jewish identity and furthering Jewish education.

Rick continues to expand the impact of Jewish music through his annual Songleader Boot Camp, a pre-summer training session for Jewish music professionals, camp staff and older campers. Several of our Ramah Wisconsin campers and staff members attended this year. Click here to read more about SLBC.

Rick and his family had a lot of fun at camp.  His wife, Elisa, is a former Ramah camper, and one of their sons joined them for their camp visit.