At Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, our Performing Arts program is diverse and infused with Jewish values. From the camp radio station, to orchestra, dance, film production, tech and set design, Hebrew language musicals, and our Shabbat theater series, there is bound to be some part of this magnificent program that attracts each camper.

How do campers discover what they love?

In the campers’ early years, they get to try everything Camp Ramah has to offer by doing rotations through all the activities. Each camper has a chance to discover his or her individual interests. Older campers choose a favorite activity or try something new. Camp is a very special performing arts setting because it offers the opportunity to build skills and perform in front of a supportive and encouraging community.

Our performing arts brings a tremendous amount of know-how and outside experiences with them to camp this summer. Jonathan Adam Ross (a.k.a. JAR), our Rosh Performing Arts, a Ramah veteran currently living in New York. A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts, he is an acclaimed Jewish theater artist. Rebecca Nadis, Rosh Drama, is an accomplished actress and director. Emily Malamud, Rosh Musica, recently received her degree in Music Education. And Harry Eskin, Rosh Video, also attended the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. We’re excited to have Harry back to teach filmmaking again this summer. 

Performing arts opportunities grow from year to year. Younger campers can learn about film and how it has evolved, while older campers’ interaction with the cameras and equipment increases. Campers in Machon and Nivonim can use what they’ve learned in previous summers to create their own short films. In the radio station, younger campers read from a Hebrew script when broadcasting on the radio. Older campers can improvise and use Hebrew language skills to create their own unique broadcast.

Take a stroll around camp and you’ll see that the arts are everywhere! Campers are involved in choreography dances in the aidah musicals, playing music at the Zimriyah music festival, creating one of the murals hung all around camp, broadcasting in Hebrew, editing a film. 

Watching the progress within a single summer is remarkable. Campers learn skills in their drama peula (activity) at the beginning of the summer and will use them in the Hebrew play a few weeks later. Campers playing instruments join the orchestra, learn new skills and make beautiful music together.

Jewish values are an integral part of our Performing Arts program. Every aspect of the program is tied in to Hebrew language, Israeli culture, and Judaism as a whole. Campers are learning Israeli dance, broadcasting from the radio station in Hebrew and participating in a Shabbat theater series.

Jonathan Adam Ross (JAR), Rosh, says that the philosophy of the program is “to combine friendship, Judaism, and teamwork…and to have an awesome time doing it!