Last week Ramahniks from all camps gathered at Ramah Darom near Atlanta for a week of Ramah staff training programs.  Roshei Aidah, representatives from the special needs programs, Daber Fellows focusing on integrating Hebrew into camp and specialty staff worked closely with National Ramah Commission program staff members to share best practices and prepare for the summer.  To quote National Ramah Director Rabbi Mitch Cohen, “As everyone comes together again at camp in a few weeks for what we hope will be a fantastic summer season, we expect to hear more about the impact of this week of training, and the ways in which this week will contribute to an even better summer at our camps throughout North America.”  This is just one of the pre-season staff training programs happening before our official staff week begins on June 5!
The Rosh Aidah training program is named The Louis and Shoshana Winer Rosh Aidah Training Institute.  Lou Winer helped found our camp and the entire Ramah movement, and was a founder of the Solomon Schechter Day School Movment.  Lou was committed to growing the next generation of Jewish leaders and saw our camp Roshei Aidah as a key part of that future.