Camp Ramah’s outdoor education program offers an opportunity for campers to experience nature on a whole new level.  “Our goal is to teach the campers to see the big picture; to appreciate what God created and gave to us,”says Yaela Garr, Rosh.

Yaela and her talented staff have designed the ropes course program to teach teamwork and to focus on group dynamics. The aidot start on the low ropes where they must partner up and work together to excel in a challenge. Later in the summer, only when the group as a whole is ready, can they participate in the personal challenge of a high ropes course activity.

For younger campers, the summer begins with an introduction to nature.  Campers explore the beautiful Northwoods surroundings- the trees, the animals, the bugs, and the light. We want them to see it, to feel it, and to really appreciate it in a way they might not get to at home. Older campers work on survival skills, outdoor cooking, and building a fire. They even build a fire sign on Yom Sport.

In Machon, campers can go on an intensive overnight backpack trip, where they carry all their supplies on their backs during the hike. Campers cook their own food, carry and set up their tents and make campfires.  They have a great opportunity to really connect and be a part of nature!

The same is true for Nivonim, when they depart on their three day “canoe trip,” which in past summers has included kayaking, hiking, and even climbing waterfalls!  It is a true bonding experience that the campers will never forget! Nivo campers have the opportunity to become ropes course interns. They learn how to belay and when their training is complete, they are allowed to run their own ropes course games and activities.

Yaela Garr is a veteran staff member who joins us from Israel.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about nature, camping, and overall outdoor education. Yaela was in the Israeli Scouts for eight years, served in the Israeli Army, and has traveled the world, from Australia to New Zealand to South America. Her goal for this summer is to infuse more Hebrew into the outdoor education program.  Yaela and her staff are helping campers gain respect for their surroundings, learn outdoor education skills and have fun!