Last night our Nivonim (11th grade) campers put on an epic Hebrew production of “Les Miserables."  What an outstanding show! The solos were pitch-perfect, the chorus numbers were passionate, and they even earned a standing ovation. Nivonim performed the last play of their camper years with a powerful stage presence and loud and clear voices filling the Bet Am.

Kol HaKavod to Adat HaNivonim and all the staff who helped create this amazing musical!

Click below to check out some musical highlights:

Look Down

At the End of the Day

I Dreamed a Dream


Castle on a Cloud

Master of the House

Red and Black

Do You Hear the People Sing?

One Day More

On My Own

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Stay tuned for next week’s Machon (10th grade) and Tikvah presentation of "Fame!”