This past weekend 20 former campers from Nivonim 2000 came back for their 13-year “Bar Mitzvah” reunion. Some of them haven’t been back to camp since they were in Nivonim 13 years ago, while others have been on staff and only been gone for a few years. For all of them it was a unique experience to be back in the place where they grew up, with a large group of friends from when they were campers. 

After arriving on Friday afternoon, they experienced a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat by the lake, which was only a little dampened by an unexpected sunshower. Later they had a chance to meet with Nivonim 2013 and share their memories of camp and their advice for life after Nivonim. Most of Shabbat they spent reminiscing and touring camp, while Sunday morning they had the chance to experience our high ropes course, one of the major changes to camp since they were campers.

Shira Goldstein (Nivonim 2000): In some ways it’s like we never left; it’s like we’re just coming back for our next summer. Being with all our friends, it’s exactly the same. But the camp itself is totally different. It’s exciting to see all the improvements that have happened around camp.

Ari Derman (Nivonim 2000): It’s almost surreal to be back at camp. It’s a very different experience to come back for a reunion. You have lots of your friends with you, you have everyone together. It brings back a lot of memories. You have a chance to tell stories and see what’s new in camp, which we’re all pretty amazed by–the dining hall, ropes courses, new architecture, etc. It’s amazing to see–some of us have been gone for as much as 13 years, others for only a few–but camp has made great strides in the time that we’ve been gone.

It was great seeing you, Nivonim 2000! We’re looking forward to welcoming Nivonim 1988 for their 25th reunion in a few weeks. (If you’re part of Nivonim 1988 and haven’t signed up yet, contact Robin at to sign up.) Nivonim 2001, we’ll see you next year for your 13th reunion!