Most campers here at Ramah Wisconsin have a fairly short journey to get here–either a bus ride from the Twin Cities or Chicago, sometimes made a little longer by a plane ride to Chicago from another nearby Midwestern city. This summer, two of our campers–Sarah and Louise–had a little bit longer travel…all the way from Berlin, Germany.

Sarah, who is in Machon, and Louise, who is in Shoafim, originally learned about Ramah when veteran Omanut staff member Julie Edelman spent some time volunteering at their Masorti synagogue in Berlin. They had spent some time at the Ramah camp in Jerusalem and Julie had such wonderful things to say about Ramah Wisconsin that they had to try it out. They were so interested in camp that they're even missing a couple weeks of school because they only get a 6 week summer break!

Both Sarah and Louise attend public school and are excited about having the opportunity for more Judaic and Hebrew learning (Louise will be writing a report on her Hebrew and text classes to bring back to school). Sarah is most excited about being a Tikvah chaver. She thinks it's "so much fun" and "so exciting" to spend time playing games and swimming with the Tikvah campers. She's even teaching them some German words. Louise is most excited about particpating in her eidah's play Aladdin.

So far, both girls love camp and are having lots of fun!