My name is Sarah Ungerman, and I’m currently a student at Michigan State University where I’m studying International Relations and Political Science. I was born and raised in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m also so proud to say I never missed a summer of camp and I started my Ramah journey in Halutzim.  I went on Ramah Poland and Israel Seminars and was on Dance staff last year for my JC summer.

This upcoming summer, I feel so honored to be Rosh Rikud! Although I am only a second year staff member I feel responsible and prepared enough to help make this summer the best one yet. Ever since I was in Halutzim, I have spent countless hours in the Moadon, hanging out with who ever was Rosh at the time, helping with choreography, and also going over the kikar dances until I had ALL of them completely memorized. Dance became my “thing” at camp, because there was never a summer where I wasn’t completely dedicated to it!  This summer, I have taken it upon myself to strategically make Rikud a leading and exciting activity in camp. It’s my goal to see all of the campers, staff members, and even visitors dancing all together on the kikar Friday afternoon, so that any of the boats floating by on the lake stop and watch. I have already started choreography for an awesome new kikar dance and have so many ideas for each play and the Rikudiya itself!

Camp has made a significant impact on my life and I will forever in my lifetime be giving back to the Ramah community.  I am so eager to get to camp and reunite with the people and place that I love the most. Camp gave me so much – I look forward to giving back this summer and cannot wait to see the Rikud program progress!