We always hear lots of stories about people who met their soul mates at Camp Ramah (there’s even a National Ramah website with their stories!). Vered and Barak Lanes met when they first came to camp five years ago as part of the Mishlachat (Israeli delegation). This year we are very happy to welcome them back as Rosh Omanut (Studio Arts) and Rosh Nagarut (Woodworking). Vered also returns as Rosh Mishlachat this summer.

We had to come all the way from Israel to Camp Ramah in Wisconsin to meet each other! In our first year Vered was on camping staff living in a cabin with campers in the Tikvah program, while Barak was a Tikvah madrich (counselor).  Last year we were both Atzmayim (Tikvah Vocational) madrichim. Vered was also Rosh Mishlachat last summer.
At Camp Ramah in Wisconsin we have learned the meaning of friendship and how to be creative educators. Camp in general gives us inspiration and energy for the rest of the year in Israel.

This summer Barak is going to be Rosh Nagarut, after a long year of working as a horseback riding instructor on the Carmel Mountain in Kibbutz Beit Oren, and as a counselor for a special needs group in Haifa.

Vered is going to be Rosh Omanut this summer and Rosh Mishlachat for a second year.  Vered graduated fine arts school at Haifa University, and is working as a teacher in The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa.

We have a lot of excitement for this upcoming summer, and we wish everyone a summer of fun, filled with surprises and creativity!