image We are pleased to introduce Jonah Harris as this summer’s Rosh Nagarut. This is his third summer on staff. Last year he also worked in Nagarut and before that he was a cabin counselor. Before he was on staff, Jonah was a camper for six summers, and before that he was in Rishonim (day camp group for staff children) for five summers. That’s a lot of summers at Ramah Wisconsin!
From Highland Park, Illinois, Jonah is currently a sophomore at Tufts University where he is studying civil engineering. He hopes to one day build a skyscraper, or his dream job, a new baseball stadium.
Woodworking has been Jonah’s favorite camp activity since he was a camper. Jonah and the woodworking staff will help campers develop new skills and create their own projects. They’ll also be involved with designing props and scenery for the plays.
Jonah’s favorite part about camp is the friendships. As he says, “The friendships created at camp as a camper and as a staff member will last a lifetime, [and that] can’t be found anywhere else.”