We are happy to welcome Ben Philipson back to camp after a two-year hiatus! He worked in the camp radio station for three years (two summers as Rosh Radio), and this summer he’s putting on his sea legs as Rosh Boating.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Ben recently graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Chemical and Physical Biology. He was a camper for six summers before joining our staff. He spent the last two summers away from camp doing research and can’t wait to be back this summer.

Ben’s favorite thing about camp is Shabbat. As he says, “There is no better place to experience Shabbat than at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.”

Ben is looking forward to spending his summer on Lake Buckatabon and teaching the campers all about boating. He says, “I just hope it’s a breezy summer because those sailboats need a little wind to do what we’re going to do with them this summer.”