Sunday, July 22:

Today Machon campers and staff along with four Tikvah program participants began our 5-day journey across Wisconsin. First stop – Green Bay!  We spent some time at the Botanical Garden where we took in the view of the beautiful natural landscape around us and picnicked in the shade. We then went to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary where we learned a little bit about the lengths this organization goes to in order to rescue and rehabilitate natural Wisconsin animals. After a dinner at Cnesses Israel Synagogue, we had a blast at the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Despite the heat, it was an all-around great day!

Monday, July 23:

We davened in the morning with members of Cnesses Israel Synagogue in Green Bay, ate breakfast and then boarded the bus for Milwaukee and its Jewish Museum. We had docent-led tours of the current exhibits and enjoyed the museum’s exhibits about the early years of Jewish overnight camps in Wisconsin. We left the museum for the Hunger Task Force and participated in an educational simulation about the obstacles some people face in trying in provide food for their families. This simulation, called “Food for Today,” helped Machon understand the hardships of feeding a family on a very limited budget. Afterwards each group was given the real-life story of a food stamp recipient, a limited budget and challenged to find nutritious meal options.  It was a great learning experience!  We ended the day at Primrose Valley Farm in South Central Wisconsin where we ate dinner, relaxed, and spent the night. It was a wonderfully enriching and interesting day and we are all looking forward to spending time tomorrow on the farm!
Tuesday, July 24:

We woke up and got right to work at Primrose Valley Farm. We divided up into four groups and each group had the chance to ask questions of David Baker, one of the farmers who started the farm. The groups stretched chicken wire to create onion-drying tables, planted pea seeds and helped wash vegetables.  We also visited the chicken coop which was a big hit!  We left the farm and traveled to the Northwoods League All-star game played at the Madison Mallards baseball stadium. It was a very busy and eventful day and a great time was had by all!

Wednesday, July 25:

On Wednesday morning we explored Madison and met at Hillel on the University of Wisconsin campus for lunch. We ate a delicious pizza lunch and shared stories from our morning. After lunch, we toured Hillel, learned about Jewish life on campus, went on a brief tour of the University of Wisconsin and still had time for shopping on the famous pedestrian mall on State Street. We went to Beth Israel Center for dinner and then headed to Vitense Golfland for a round of miniature golf. It was a packed and fun-filled day!
Thursday, July 26:

We ate breakfast at Beth Israel Center and packed our things onto the bus to head to the Kalahari Water Park in Wisconsin Dells. Though a visit to Dairy Queen was originally on our schedule for Day 5, as a group we opted to spend an extra hour and a half at the Kalahari instead of heading to Dairy Queen on our way back to camp. It was a wet and wild adventure and a great way to end the trip. We arrived back to camp in time for dinner and the Nivonim play. It was sad to see our amazing trip end but good to be back in our Northwoods home!