The 2013 Machon Trip got off to a great start; not even rain and storms could ruin our fun or shake the smiles off of our faces! Everyone took a nap on the bus while we drove to Green Bay, and then we stopped at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary to see some really cool animals and hear a little bit about the animals that the sanctuary has rescued. We saw coyotes, deer, all different kinds of birds of prey, salamanders and other lizards, and otters! Next we headed to the Bay Beach Amusement Park to ride the fourth largest wooden roller coaster in the world, the “Zippin’ Pippin.’” We got some great pics, and spent some time together on all of the fantastic rides before heading over to Anshe Poale Zedek, Manitowoc’s only synagogue. The Jewish community in Manitowoc has been around since the early 1900’s, and the synagogue was built (with churches on all three sides!) in the 1950’s. We relaxed, had a delicious dinner, and split into groups to discuss issues related to world hunger and feeding the hungry, to better prepare us for some food and hunger simulations in Milwaukee tomorrow.